Rafael Magalhães

Rafael Magalhães felt in love with photography still in the analog phase, when he recorded the daily life of Rio de Janeiro and revealed his own black and white photos.

Graduated in Advertising from PUC-RJ, he soon stood out and worked for major studios in Rio. That's when he specialized in advertisement photos. From then on, Rafael started to work independently, photographing for major brands, in partnership with the largest advertising agencies in the country.

Rafael is also a video expert. He was director of photography at B2W Digital for 5 years. His work draws attention for its cinematic quality and accuracy. At the famous Casacor architecture show, he coordinated and acted in the elaboration of several institutional videos.

Noteworthy for his drive for best results with the moto: "it is Ok, but it still can be improved!". Rafael is one of the best when it comes to speeding up and resolving unforeseen events.

In addition to shooting for major clients and agencies, he was nominated and awarded for his personal photos - those early career analogs - at the renowned International Color Awards.